A Christmas Blessing

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With December now here – most of us are decorating our homes to celebrate a very important birthday – the birth of Jesus.  We certainly have our house decked out in celebration.  However, in our home during December, we celebrate another Christmas blessing – the birth of our beautiful daughter. 

A daughter is a gift of love and a blessing from above… Anonymous.  

I remember that special day as clear as can be.  A snow storm was pending and we were worried about getting out of the driveway (we were scheduled for a c-section since our darling baby girl was breech).  A neighbour and another colleague both stepped up and said not to worry – if snow were to come, they would have our driveway cleared before our departure to the hospital.  

That morning came and everything went smooth – well, as smooth as a c-section can go.  Within a few hours of checking into the hospital, our sweet baby girl was born.  Our Christmas blessing.  

From the day our daughter was born, she sparkled.  Now, 23 years later – she shines and spreads joy to anyone who has the blessing to meet her.  A true gift from God.  

Last year, I looked up the significance of the year 22 (with it being 2022 as well as our daughter turning 22). This year, I decided to lookup as to what the 23rd year means.  The silver plate or platter is referenced to the year 23 and that couldn’t be more fitting to the what an amazing year our darling daughter has had.  

The number 23 holds strong like a silver platter not only to the significance of this amazing birthday, but also to the completion of this 2023 year.  Many wonderful events were presented to our daughter – on a silver platter if you may – this year.  Graduation from university, finding an amazing apartment, a wonderful significant other in her life, and entering grad school at Teacher’s College.  God wrapped these events all up onto a beautiful silver platter making not only 2023 a very special year, but also entering the 23rd year of our daughter’s life such an incredible gift.  

Now pondering that thought… God certainly handed our sweet girl to us on a silver platter all those years ago.  Our daughter has filled our home with an abundance of joy including:

  • Laughter
  • Singing
  • Hugs
  • Adventure
  • Calming

Those are just a few qualities of how she has made our home and lives so special.  Those who know her would certainly agree.  Just like Jesus shines His light onto the world, our beautiful daughter shines her glorious light onto everyone she encounters.  Her presence to the world is a gift – from her quirky ‘make everyone laugh poses’, her sense of excitement and fun (to experience fair rides with me), and to her gorgeous snapshots taken with ease. Her beauty shines from inside out. Simply gorgeous!

As you celebrate your amazing day, know that you are a gift.  An amazing gift from God at the most wonderful time of year.  You are a Christmas blessing not only to your family, but to the world.  We love you and Happy Birthday Sweetpea.  


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