Slow Cooker Beef and Vegetable Soup

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Do you have a Go-To soup?  The kind that you know everyone loves and is simple to make?  I do and it is not Chicken Noodle Soup (although, that is commonly made throughout the winter months as well).    My go-to soup is a slow cooker beef and vegetable soup.

Soup is a lot like a family.  Each ingredient enhances the others; each batch has its own characteristics; and it needs time to simmer to reach full flavour – Marge Kennedy.  

I find soups a great way to throw together leftovers from the previous night or even just to make a simple meal packed full of goodness to simmer all day.  It’s also a great way to prepare dinner a head of time if you are working.  Throw it all in the slow cooker and voila…. All cooked by dinnertime.  

I found this Slow Cooker Beef and Vegetable Soup on years ago and I am still making it regularly.  There are a few tweaks that I have done to make it adaptable to my household, but it is delicious.


  • 1 lb cubed beef
  • 1 can corn
  • 1 can green beans
  • 1-2 carrots diced or sliced
  • 2 potatoes diced
  • 1 can crushed tomatoes
  • 1 can beef broth
  • 2-3 cans of water
  • 2-3 Tbsp MSG-free onion soup mix
  • Salt/Pepper/Garlic to taste
  • Noodles – precooked (I tend to use about 3/4 cup of either elbow or shell noodles)


Place meat, corn, green beans, carrots, potatoes, crushed tomatoes, broth, onion soup mix, salt, pepper, and garlic in the slow cooker. Top with water and stir.

Cook on Low for at least 6 hours. You may need to add water if necessary.

This soup goes great with home made bread or croissants.  

I find this a perfect meal for the days that I am at work all afternoon and cannot prepare a delicious dinner ahead of time. I can prep this in the morning and start it before heading off to work.  Upon returning to home – the kitchen smells delightful.  

Do you have a go-to soup recipe?  If so, send it to me. I love receiving new recipes to try.  

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