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What is Fear?  False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.  

When we allow fear to rule us, we unwittingly receive what Satan has planned for our lives… Joyce Meyer 

I am a people observer.  I love to watch people. Whether that is at an airport, a mall, on a daily walk around our neighbourhood, or in a grocery store. I love observing others.  We are on Day 75 (at the time of writing) of a province wide quarantine and what I have noticed with my eagle eyes is that instead of this quarantine easing people’s worries, it is accelerating their fears. 

During this time, our general sense of calm has disappeared and replaced with caution.  Our entire social connection with others is now limited to a 6 feet quick ‘hello’ instead of a warm embrace or handshake.  People are being short with others if standing too close in a store or even some are getting ugly looks from others if not wearing a mask.  We’ve seen the unforeseen hording of toilet paper – or any paper product really, Lysol products, flour, and yeast. F.E.A.R. has taken over. What happened to our lovely world of kindness? Compassion? Helping others? Or even the right to opinions?  

toilet paper, pandemic, fear, hording, covid-19

I’ve been reading a Bible Devotional (on my bible app) : Immune to Fear.  

2 Timothy 1:7 states:  For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.”

The devotional explains that this verse simply states that fear is NOT from God.  When extreme or dangerous situations occur or attack us, fear does its best to latch on tight.  Everything then changes.  Our mood, our personality, even our body chemistry changes – our fight and flight hormones heighten.  Our natural response is to be on guard, worried, or fearful.  

Would you say, regardless of your opinion on this matter (there are sides in all aspects), that we ALL would like the final outcome to be the same?  Normalcy to return?  Does it really matter how we get there?  It’s like we have lost site of our purpose – the world’s purpose.  Are we holding onto F.E.A.R as a security blanket? Something we can control and orchestrate. 

This is why I love to research.  I love to find other non-medical ways to achieving optimal health.  I love to find alternatives to the mainstream media to inspire hope.  I loved reading that Sweden stuck to their ways with only isolating the immune compromised and elderly etc.  They continued to LIVE and their stats are better than most countries.  I love reading or listening to YouTube clips of other experts giving another approach instead of the ‘stay at home only’ approach.  I would share this on Facebook to possibly shed a glimmer of hope to my friends.  Hope that we will get through this. Hope that other countries are trying something different and they are pulling through. Hope that our economy will strive again. Hope that the world will function again someday soon.

What I have learned throughout weeks of researching is that mainstream media sources are bullies.  Mainstream media has brainwashed others to BELIEVE a false truth.  (False. Evidence. Appearing. Real).  It has taken over all social media platforms and TV channels.  When I search out or discover an ‘alternative’ approach or view, mainstream media somehow has the power to delete it from any viewing options.  Why is that? What happened to free speech? What happened to respecting other’s opinions or point of views.  I have even found this happening between ‘friends’ on Facebook.  We seem to be at a time where friends are attacking friends and their beliefs.  That opinions or hopefulness do not matter.  When Bill Gates can speak about anything Corona Virus related but MD’s are censored by social media outlets, there is a definite problem and alternative motive behind what is really going on in today’s world.  

The conclusion I have now come to is that F.E.A.R. can blind us and it chains us to live within a box afraid and hopeless. I do realize that maybe not all the information I have shared or compiled may be 100% true. I do realize there are ‘false’ information links out on the ‘web’.  But… what I do share with others is hope.  Have people lost site of the end result?  I really don’t believe that the general population would like to continue to be isolated within their homes with no to very little social contact.  It’s not how we are designed.  We are designed to be social, in the world, fulfilling a purpose.  

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I find it odd that when a story comes out about having to stay indoors, wear a mask, or no social contact that many viewers absorb that in and hold on to that information like it is the Bible.  But, when a news story comes out about how the Covid-19 numbers aren’t really all that bad, or Sweden has been keeping things normal, or that we need to obtain this virus to actually get rid of it – viewers and listeners balk at that.  Where did the normalcy go?  Why is it normal now-a-days to be fearful and live in isolation than to want things to be social and ‘normal’ again?  

It saddens me to think that a vast percentage of people are in isolation completely out of fear.  This fear that came solely from the media.  What about those ill or dying because there are no medical testing predures being performed right now? What about the children who are learning to be fearful of everything – hugs, touching surfaces, being close to a friend? What about the mental stability of our teenagers because of no social contact? Why are these factors less important? 

I have learned – through all of this – to question the news.  What is the purpose of the story they are telling? Is there another angle or is there more information that I am missing?  Do the parties involved have an investment in the outcome? Don’t be afraid to question the news.  Do your own research. Search out alternative measures.  CNN is not the end all be all of news.  To be truly informed, learn about both sides. You can then make an informative decision based on your own values or beliefs.  

If the world is going to change for the better – the media needs to induce hope into houses – not fear.  The more hopeful messages one sees, reads, or is told can change anxiety levels, boost calmness, and fill a heart with love to spread. 

Here’s A Challenge For You:

  1. Turn off your news app.  
  2. Limit your TV news watching time.  
  3. Limit your social media time.  
  4. Start following people who spread hope and joy – not fear and dismay (watch “Some Good News” on YouTube – an excellent source of joy)
  5. Unfollow anyone who is negative.  Step by step and piece by piece you will gain solitude again.  You will gain peace and hope again.  
  6. Search out alternative health options regarding the current events.  Don’t rely solely on CNN or ABC news since they are the ones producing most of the fear on networks.  
  7. Turn to the Bible.  Even a few minutes a day can create a sense of calm and protection to get you through the day.  You Version Bible App is a great app with simple devotionals to suit whatever need you may have. 
  8. Call a friend – a good laugh does wonders for the soul. 
  9. Allow and be respectful of those with differing opinions.  We were all made different on purpose.  If you don’t agree with someone, that’s ok. Respect their thoughts.
  10. Breathe.  You will be better for this when we get through this together.  

Remember, this is a time of reflection.  I am using this time wisely to pour into my future.  I am not going to let 10 weeks of isolation put a stop to my dreams.  God provided this time to slow down, reflect, have family meals together, play games, and laugh.  He has this!  I repeat.  HE HAS THIS!

We need to break free of this bubble that the media is putting us in. We aren’t meant to live in a bubble.  To quote Dr. Daniel Erickson (an MD in California), “if we bubble wrap ourselves, we lower our immune response to the outside world”.  This relates to all aspects of life.  If we bubble wrap ourselves from life, we desensitize ourselves from the world, from people, from work, from church, from friends, from dirt, from bacteria, from human touch, and even from God.  We need to fully live outside to fully live on the inside.  

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I leave you with a thought.  As you start to see a light at the end of the tunnel, what have you learned through this time?  What will you change? What will stay the same.  For me….  I have learned we can handle anything that comes our way.  I have learned to slow down and that laughter will always be a main staple in our home.  Go spread some joy, hope, love, and laughter.  Maybe then, those who believe they are in power will see that only goodness can go viral. Love conquers all.  

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