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Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve has to be one of my most favourite days.  I absolutely love it.  From the time I wake up to anxiously going to sleep (even as an adult, I still don’t sleep much on Christmas Eve night – just like when I was a child).  Do you have Christmas traditions? 8 And...

shortbread cookies

Mom’s Shortbread Cookies

Christmas is approaching and I love the baking that goes hand and hand with it.  One of my favourites is my Mom’s shortbread cookie.  I have eaten these cookies from the time I can remember.  I believe the recipe was my Grandma’s, passed on to my Mom and then passed on to me.  I...

natural oven cleaner

Natural Oven Cleaner

Are you like me?  You dread having to clean your oven?  I even have a self cleaning oven and I dread doing it.  I was in the habit of using the self cleaning oven option in the spring or fall when I could have the windows open.  It leaves such a stench in the...

shipwrecked, casserole

Shipwreck Casserole

I love discovering new recipes.  I am often on Pinterest, or searching out the next best meal to make for my family.  Nothing pleases me more, than seeing their faces light up with a delicious meal.   My dad had given me my mom’s recipe box.  I am slowly going through it, but...

sugar cereal, kids nutrition

Am I Loopy? Or Is Cereal Now A Dessert?

I was walking down an aisle at the grocery store the other day and I was shocked at the amount of sugar cereals on the shelves.  I began to think, “Am I loopy? (small reference to Fruit Loops). Is cereal now a dessert? Are our nations children actually eating this to...

macaroni salad for cottage go-to meals

Simple Go-To Cottage Meals

Cottage – The place where the best memories are made Do you have a cottage? Do you rent a cottage during the summer months?  Or, do you visit family or friends at their cottage?  Regardless which of the above options is you – you must have a ‘Go To’ Cottage meal.   Going...

Alternatives for Dairy

Dairy-Free you say!  How do you get your calcium? You NEED dairy to be healthy.   Lets rewind to 1997.  My husband (to be at the time) was away at school and was discovering that his stomach was repeatedly sore and he was extremely stuffy after any time he ingested cheese, ice cream,...

meal prep with teenage son

My 16 Year Old Son Could Eat A Horse!

I have a teenage son who apparently I cannot keep full. Do you have teenage boys? If so, you may understand. They are hungry ALL THE TIME. Luckily, he is health conscious. He LOVES to eat balanced, healthy meals that include protein.

Energy Bites

Bite-Size Energy Bites

These bite-size energy bites are a combination of a granola type snack yet packed with nutrition. Most items are already in your cupboard so a trip to the grocery store may not be necessary. I tend to make these on the weekend as part of my weekly food prep routine....

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