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21 Years Ago….

Do you ever have a moment where you think it occurred just yesterday but in reality, it was two decades ago?  That is happening to me (and my husband) right now.  Our beautiful daughter is turning twenty-one.  On a snowy Monday morning in December, we made our way to the hospital.  Remembering back,...

My Birthday Boy

How do you celebrate birthdays? Do you do anything special for your family? Your loved ones? Your friends?  I certainly do.  I love to go all out and make my loved one’s birthday special.  It brings me so much joy in doing so.  Today, we are celebrating our son’s 18th birthday.  Our special birthday boy.   And...

st patrick's day

My Favourite Leprechaun

What does St Patrick’s Day mean to you? Green beer? Late night bar adventures? Green hats, shamrock glasses, and leprechauns?  Well, to me, it means celebrating the love of my life – my husband.  You see, he was born on St Patrick’s day and his heritage is Irish, so March 17 is...

snowshoeing, snow much fun

Snow Much Fun!

Do you struggle with outdoor exercise in the winter months?  I know I do.  My husband and I do try to continue with our walks frequently, but I must say, when it is -10 degrees Celsius or colder… well, I like to stay indoors.  One activity that has us longing for each weekend...

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Cupcake Moments

When Rachel turned one, I wanted to make cupcakes for her family birthday party that we were having.  Sean was outside working around the house and when he came inside, I was in tears.  I apparently did not let the cupcakes cool long enough so when I tried to decorate them, the...

Toronto, Fairmont Royal York, Rachel Hollis Rise Toronto

Birthday In Toronto

Have you ever wanted to do something, but then the timing wasn’t quite right? Or, at least you ‘thought’ the timing wasn’t right?  I certainly have.  A mentor of mine is Rachel Hollis.  I’ve read her books and I had an opportunity to see her speak at a Power of Success seminar in...


Forget About Me – I Love You

I came across an acronym for FAMILY the other day.  Like many of you, I am sure…. the Covid-19 news has overloaded your social media platforms, your news feed, your emails, your tv and basically all general conversation.  It can create heaviness and worries on your heart and in your...

meal prep with teenage son

My 16 Year Old Son Could Eat A Horse!

I have a teenage son who apparently I cannot keep full. Do you have teenage boys? If so, you may understand. They are hungry ALL THE TIME. Luckily, he is health conscious. He LOVES to eat balanced, healthy meals that include protein.

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